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Среда, 25.4.2018
Главная » 2011 » Июнь » 15 » Изменения в 0.6.5
Изменения в 0.6.5

Пока только на английском, ждем публичного теста.
Основные изменения:

  • линейка Американских ПТ (какие характеристики можно посмотреть тут)
  • Patton вместо першинга (T23 убрали)
  • возврат полноценных трассеров
  • 2-е новые карты Redshire и Arctic
  • 2-а премиум танка  США M22 Locust и советский T-127

Полный Patch Notes.
Изменения относительно версий 0.6.4 до версии 0.6.5
– Added basic US TD line: T18, T82, T40, M10 Wolverine, M36 Slagger, T25 AT, T28, T95.
– M26 Pershing replaced for M46 Patton as tier 9 US medium tank. M26 Pershing moved to tier 8. T23 US medium tank temporarily removed.
– Added premium tanks: US M22 Locust, USSR T-127.
– Added new maps: Redshire and Arctic (working title).
– Visually redesigned maps: Karelia and Erlenberg.
– Fixed bugs, stickings, impassibilities for the majority of maps.
– Fixed destruction and damage models for some objects.
– Fixed errors in vehicle models.
– Fixed credit income for M12, tier 6 US SPG (now the same as its counterparts have).
– Increased gun depression angle for T1 hvy, M6, T32, T34.
– Increased credit income for M6A2E1 by 10%.
– Fixed hitboxes for T1 hvy, M6, M6A2E1.
– Reworked protection for colour of shell tracer effects.
– Fixed discrepancy of pre-battle counter.
– Fixed description for Orlik’s medal.
– Fixed crash to desktop when minimizing the game (rare).
– Fixed sound notification when observation device has been taken out.
– Fixed error when tracers and effects of shots would disappear during the loading of enemy tank models.
– Fixed display of hit spots from explosion on objects
– Fixed display of muted player (from whom voice messages are forbidden) on the loading screen
– Fixed display of the list of input devices in the voice chat settings
– Added post-battle message to the hangar informing about the amount of credits deducted for killing or damaging allies
– Fixed not being able to click on some squares of minimap after changing the size of the game window
– Fixed blank lines in some of the graphics settings for certain configurations
– Fixed reset of graphics settings to "custom" when you change default graphic presets
– Fixed text descriptions for some tanks
– Fixed error with incorrect selection of the most "weak" crew member for training during the accelerated crew training
– Fixed error when players couldn’t leave the clan by themselves

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