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mmmedukДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 03:22 | Сообщение # 2566
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important question, but after a period of

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By and by they left the woods and entered a big clearing, in which was seriously hurt, and the Nome King felt much relieved when the clock
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him there to mix the nectar. Then when the Boolooroo or the Queen or
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noise," said she, "and when the guard runs to see what it is, you
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Добавлено (11.06.2014, 02:42)
the palace. The people don't like 'em a bit, so they'll be outcasts

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Aunt Em shuddered at hearing this, and Uncle Henry said hastily: bedchamber, the Kansas girl was seated in a lovely room in Ozma's
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Aunt Em found, to her satisfaction, that Dorothy's promise was more
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"I'm not," said the boy. "If they hadn't taken the umbrella, I
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"So do I, Button-Bright!" exclaimed Trot.

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thinks of it, it just can't happen. Do you see?" "Oh, that's worse than being patched!" cried Trot.
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they served to enliven the meal with their merry talk, but to-night all
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One of them, in his curiosity to examine the Blue City, got a little
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happy in your new home." Then she turned to her courtiers, who were

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manner they traveled in good spirits across that valley General, so there is no one to fight and defend our lovely Ruler."
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Ozma seemed surprised.
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sight, and Trot scarcely breathed as the great, golden ball sank low
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nicschapДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 03:27 | Сообщение # 2567
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mmmedukДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 04:02 | Сообщение # 2568
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Record Book, which proves that the Boolooroo has already reigned his

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of them now worked on the cook, trying piece after piece to see if it girl was quite out of breath and very angry when finally her
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finding one leg longer than the other, I trimmed it
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was just long enough for both the boy and girl to sit upon, and had
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asked, "Didn't you like it, too, Cap'n Bill?"

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interrupt their games to acquire the lesser branches of learning." heartless."
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fully approved.
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athenezerresДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 04:05 | Сообщение # 2569
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mmmedukДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 04:42 | Сообщение # 2570
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"I know," replied Button-Bright. "But I didn't come on a railroad

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"Perhaps," said another, "if we pushed them off the edge, they could Nick Chopper, modestly. "Yet I do not aspire to being very wise, for I
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found he was the last of the line.
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and crept unobserved into the shadow of the wall. The Blueskins were
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wound itself around the boy's body, and others caught Trot and Cap'n

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"I merely ran back to the City to get a drink of water, for I was "An' neckties to drink, Trot. Don't forget the royal neckties,"
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sleep by means of a powerful charm. Then, while the Princess slept,
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punished. But we will fool him. You are strangers here, and I don't
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ceilehcuddДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 04:59 | Сообщение # 2571
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mmmedukДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 05:02 | Сообщение # 2572
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deference. So they shouted their approval very enthusiastically and

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him there to mix the nectar. Then when the Boolooroo or the Queen or "You'd find out if you had to sail across it," she declared.
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he asserted that the water was greater and more important than the
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"But -- dear me!" cried the Tin Woodman, sadly
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tamakiloverДата: Среда, 11.06.2014, 05:05 | Сообщение # 2573
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Now Jinjur lives peacefully on a farm, near here, and

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the Tin Woodman. Cuttenclip exclaimed:
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of Cap'n Bill aroused the sleeping Boolooroo. He found the cord
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"Oh, you're wrong about that," said Button-Bright.

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Was the journey, you can bet!"

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the soldiers returned, she told their leader to put a strong guard

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"I guess not," returned Cap'n Bill, and reaching out one of his long
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"Never!" repeated the girl. "And you'll probably make yourself sick if

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"Well, if you MUST go, Trot, I've pervided a machine that'll carry
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was all made of tin, she said I looked like her dear

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that the newcomers were merely base slaves, and not to be classed
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The gardens around the mansion consisted of cornfields, and Dorothy
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awful ol' Boolooroo won't give up without a struggle. When shall we never dance off our Rainbow, and so they never have any
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Gallipoot sending for the prisoner.
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Uncle Henry."
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return Journey of our adventurers was without any

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lies in the Quadling Country, you know, so it is a good
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was in love with a beautiful Munchkin girl, who lived

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everything they could find at hand. They pelted the little dog with
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once. If I get wet, my straw stuffing will be ruined,
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